7 Etiquette Tips Every Cannabis User Needs To Know

As weed becomes legal in more states, the stigma of smoking pot is slowly dissipating. But if you want to encourage this progression, it’s important to represent pot users in a positive light, and that means showing some etiquette. You can start by following these guidelines.

1. Remember to Share

If you’re going to smoke around others, make sure you have enough to share. It’s just rude to smoke in front of people and not offer some. And on those days you plan to partake in someone else’s weed, at least bring snacks to share.

2. Don’t Pressure Your Friends

Not everyone is wild about weed. Feel free to offer a friend some pot, but if he or she says no, don’t push it. Peer pressure is not good etiquette. Surely they’ll call you if they change their minds.

3. Puff, Puff, Pass

If someone else has been kind enough to share a joint with you, make sure you only hit it twice before you pass. If you’re using a bong, it’s good etiquette to hit it only once.

4. Make Sure Your Cannabis Isn’t All THC

Many people claim cannabis makes them anxious, but that’s probably because the pot they tried didn’t have enough of the compound cannabidiol or CBD. This ingredient pairs well with THC since it can reduce the paranoia that THC often causes. So look for cannabis with a ratio of about 1:1 CBD to THC.

5. Be Aware Of Dosage

If a friend is trying out cannabis for the first time, help them do it right with the correct dose. For example, with edibles, someone who is new to weed doesn’t typically need more than about five mg of THC. Offering more could create a terrible experience that makes him or her regret trying it.

6. Be Aware of the Smell

You might enjoy the smell of weed, but not everyone else does. Some people are sensitive to it and may feel nauseous when they catch a whiff of your weed. This is why you should avoid smoking around other people unless you know they don’t mind it. You can always eat an edible or vape instead since this cuts down on the smell. But know your audience and be mindful of where you partake.

7. Don’t Blow Smoke

Just because you’re smoking together doesn’t mean you should be blowing smoke in someone’s face. Similarly, other pot smokers don’t necessarily like smelling cigarette smoke near them, so if you feel the need to smoke a cigarette, do it away from the group.

Now that you’re a responsible fan of weed, Apothekare invites you to check out our menu and contact us with any questions!


10 Must-See Attractions in San Diego

America's Finest City is a top travel destination for a good reason -- the sea marries the sand for 70 glorious miles and inland attractions range from wildlife areas to craft breweries. Here are 10 of the top attractions in San Diego that deserve a spot on your itinerary.

1. Cabrillo Tidepools

Cabrillo National Monument offers more than the best views of downtown and the Pacific Ocean. Trek down to the tide pools and look for starfish, snails, crabs, and more.

2. Coronado Beach

Take a ferry over to Coronado and you're met with the finest white sand in Greater San Diego. The small peninsula community is home to the world famous Hotel Del and quaint beach adjacent shops.

3. Old Town Margaritas

If you're going to have a margarita in San Diego, it may as well be as large as your head. Go to Old Town San Diego to be spoiled for choice.

4. Potato Chip Rock

A hike up Mount Woodson reveals what locals call Potato Chip Rock. You can climb up on the chip-shaped rock and take your photo before enjoying the panoramic views.

5. Ocean Beach Sunsets

Walk to the end of the Ocean Beach Pier and watch the sun go down. If you're lucky you may spot the elusive green flash phenomenon, which happens just as the sun hits the horizon.

6. Balboa Park Museums

A lush oasis in the middle of the city, Balboa Park offers restaurants, trails, and plenty of museums. Spend a few hours checking out the Museum of Man, Museum of Art, and the variety of history museums.

7. Carlsbad Flower Fields

Each spring, the North County city of Carlsbad brightens up a hillside with thousands of blooms. Bring your camera and stop to smell the tulips while you meander through the flower fields.

8. Torrey Pines Gliderport

Paragliders take to the air in Torrey Pines near La Jolla every day. Be adventurous and glide your way over a cliff down to the beach, or watch other people take flight while you have a picnic.

9. Mr. A's Downtown Restaurant

Dining at a rooftop lounge is a quintessential San Diego Experience. At Mr. A's, you can sink your teeth into fine dining while drinking up views of downtown and the bay.

10. La Jolla Cove Seals

Sea lions and seals congregate at La Jolla coves to sunbathe and relax during the day. After lunch in the neighborhood, head to the coast to see this unique gathering.


5 Cannabis Events You Can’t Miss This September

The summer of 2017 brought with it much fun in the sun, but just because it is over does not mean the fun has to stop.  September in San Diego is divine and for cannabis enthusiast there is much to do. Check out these upcoming events and make note in your calendar.


Cannabis Cooking Experience San Diego- Sept. 10th, 2017

The perfect event for the foodie in your circle, this event brings together some of the industry’s top culinary talents to teach participants to make their own delicious edibles.  Hosted by the Happy Hippy Company, participants will learn everything from methods of infusion to dosage to the latest culinary techniques over the course of 2 ½ hours. This hands-on experience is sure to be unlike learning to cook with your mom.  Space is limited so sign up today!


Exclusive Cannabis Pop-Up Dinner-  Sept. 23rd, 2017

Say goodbye to that boring dinner party you were invited to, this Exclusive Cannabis Pop-Up Dinner blows every dinner party out of the water.  Equal parts BYOB, art exhibit, and gourmet meal, this social event is touted as for anyone( 21+)  with an open mind and an empty stomach! Guests will be presented with a 4 course meal that features dishes inspired by Elevated Cooking Oils new line. Sound intriguing?  Just be sure to bring your appetite.


Exclusive Cannabis Infused Brunch- Sept. 24th, 2017

Hosted by SD Canna Events, the Exclusive Cannabis Infused Brunch seeks to add a bit of elegance to cannabis consumption. Afterall who says cannabis can not be high class? Join other like minded cannabis enthusiast for a highTeaHC experience like none other. The event is 21+ and you must bring your own product to comply with local regulations.  


Studying The Effects of Marijuana Use- Sept. 27th, 2017

In today’s heated political climate there is a lot of misinformation about cannabis out there.  As more and more states legalize both the medicinal and recreational use of cannabis, many people are looking deeply into what, if any, the consequences will be.  Hosted by the San Diego ACS & AMerican Association for Clinical Chemistry, this event presents the evidence and theory by some of the world's leading experts in a one-of-a kind speaking engagement.  


San Diego, CA Cannabis Business Seminar- Sept. 30th, 2017

This 2 day event is for anyone who is thinking about getting into the cannabis business in California. Touted as one of the best Cannabis Training Courses out there, this event will provide participants with a great foundation to start their cannabis business. Whether you need to learn more about the legal restraints or educate yourself on the latest cultivation techniques, you can learn it here.  Reserve your seat today for only $300.


These are just some of the most interesting cannabis events going on in San Diego this month.  Or if you are looking for some local events that are a little more low key check out our event calendar and join the Apothekare community.


Cannabis for newbies: An overview for people just trying (or coming back to) marijuana

It’s a brave new world out there when it comes to cannabis. With nearly two years of full legalization in several states, and more states expected to vote on legalization this November, many people are looking at marijuana from a fresh perspective.

All this talk about legal marijuana is bringing more newcomers into dispensaries, wanting to see what all the fuss is about. We welcome you “newbies,” as well as the countless folks who are rediscovering marijuana after years away. And we want you to enjoy your first experiences with modern, legalized cannabis.

So with that in mind, here are some tips:

First of all, relax.

Marijuana is currently legal in some form in at least 25 states and the District of Columbia. A growing number of Americans now understand that cannabis has legitimate medical applications for a wide variety of ailments. And many more are seeing the successes that legal marijuana – both medical and recreational – is having in states like Washington, Oregon and Colorado. So you’re in good company if you want to try cannabis.

There is a wide range of ways to consume cannabis.

Smoking marijuana, while still popular, is no longer necessary. Along with edibles – cannabis-infused foods, candies, beverages or snacks – there are topical ointments and lotions that can be rubbed on the skin. Another popular method is “vaping”: electronic pens that resemble cigarettes and that heat cannabis oil into an easily-inhalable vapor. There’s also “dabbing,” which involved heating and inhaling wax-like concentrates of cannabis oil. This “wax,” also known as “shatter” or by other names, is very strong and not recommended for beginners.

Start slow.

This is not your parents’ or grandparents’ weed. Current strains of cannabis can contain very high percentages of THC, the chemical compound that gives marijuana its “high.” Be sure to ask your budtender about your purchase’s potency when buying “flower,” or cannabis in bud form. One toke may do the trick.

And when buying edibles remember a little can go a very long way. It’s recommended most people start with 5 milligrams (MG) of an edible – which often is just a small, single segment of a cannabis-infused cookie, candy bar or soda. And most importantly, wait. It can take over an hour for most people to feel the effects of cannabis after ingesting it; and then those effects can be quite strong. Do not take an additional bite of a cannabis-infused food, in the mistaken assumption that you haven’t consumed enough. That extra bite could lead you into a stronger and potentially uncomfortable high.

Know your strains.

You’ll hear experienced cannabis consumers talk about indica and sativa. Those are two of the most common marijuana strains, and they can have very different effects. Cannabis sativa is usually associated with an energetic head “rush” and is often recommended for daytime use. Cannabis indica, on the other hand, is considered by many to be the best for a relaxing “body” high.

If you have trouble remembering these differences, here’s a memory trick used by a lot of cannabis consumers: “Indica = In the Couch”.

Not all cannabis gets you high.

Researchers are starting to unlock the medicinal benefits of another chemical compound in cannabis: Cannabidiol, or CBD. Unlike THC, CBD does not give consumers a euphoric high. But scientists are acknowledging that CBD has potential as a treatment for a wide variety of ailments; including insomnia, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, nausea, Crohn’s Disease and more. A lot of dispensaries now stock cannabis which contains high percentages of CBD, and low amounts of THC.

And then there’s hemp, another strain of cannabis that has only trace amounts of THC. An important crop in colonial America and up through World War II, the production of hemp is currently banned under U.S. federal law. But that is changing, as farmers and activists wake up lawmakers to the notion that the country is missing out on a major economic opportunity by keeping hemp illegal.

So there you have it. We hope you enjoy your cannabis: whether it’s for the first time or just the latest in a series of present and future experiences.