From seasoned stoners to newbies, everyone can use a little help enhancing their high once in awhile. With the marijuana industry growing at such a rapid rate, there's new tips and tricks being discovered each day to ensure you get the best high possible. Here are a few of ours.

Grind it

Our top tip for a better high is something it seems most novices and experienced stoners alike tend to forego. Grinding your weed not only ensures you aren't packing stems or seeds, but it also leads to a more even burn. However, the best part is the kief that gets caked up in the grinder as a result. Sprinkle a little kief on top of a bowl for a super concentrated THC experience.

Not sure where to start, check out this handy Grinder 101 video.

Up the THC

THC is a cannabinoid in weed that acts as the main psychoactive ingredient. If you've purchased medical marijuana that's used solely for pain purposes, the THC might be lower. Make sure you're smoking weed high in THC to get the most bang out of your bong.

Take a break

We've all been there. Our favorite strain of pot just doesn't quite give us the same euphoric high as before. It's okay. That's normal. Try taking a tolerance break to let your body, and lungs, recharge. Give yourself a few days to let your tolerance wane so that the next time you smoke, you'll feel like it's your first time again.

giphy (11).gif


If President Obama can do it, then so can you. Nothing brings on a better high than inhaling deeply to ensure you're getting the most out of the THC. Inhaling the smoke into your lungs will increase your high and possibly increase the number of cool smoke rings, clouds, animals and shapes you can blow out afterward.

Mix it up If your go-to method is your favorite Sativa strain smoked through a pipe every single day, then you're likely in need of a change. Switch it up and smoke out of a bong, make weed brownies, or try vaping. All of these alter the kind of high you experience, and sometimes mixing it up, especially the strain, can lead to a better high. Looking for a little HI-nsperation? Check out this video.   

Mix it up

If your go-to method is your favorite Sativa strain smoked through a pipe every single day, then you're likely in need of a change. Switch it up and smoke out of a bong, make weed brownies, or try vaping. All of these alter the kind of high you experience, and sometimes mixing it up, especially the strain, can lead to a better high.

Looking for a little HI-nsperation? Check out this video. 


However you decide to enhance your high, remember that everyone's body reacts differently to medical marijuana, and if one tip doesn't work for you, it just means you should try some others. Happy blazing, folks. Here's to hoping your high keeps getting better and better.

What Variables/Factors Go Into The Price Of Weed?


With the legalization of medical marijuana and recreational marijuana across several states, pricing weed has become a hot topic. There is no clear rhyme or reason to how some dispensaries or businesses price their product. That's because recreational marijuana is decentralized. However, medical marijuana isn't far off with how diverse its pricing can be, either. Several factors can impact the price of weed. Here are some key variables to consider.

Product Type and Quality

Just as branding can impact the price of clothing, branded products, including celebrity-backed brands, may impact the price of weed. Additionally, factors such as the amount of THC in the product, the product's method of production, and its terpene levels can impact price. That's because these conditions can change the quality of the weed.

Supply and Demand

The demand for weed and its available amount directly impacts the pricing of weed. If the supply of weed goes down and the demand is high, dispensaries can validate charging more for the product. That's because a shortage of a product can drive its value. For example, legalized marijuana impacted the pricing of weed when it first came onto the market in Washington. However, when there's a greater supply than demand, the buyer has the power as dispensaries start to compete on price. Washington experienced the impact of having more supply of weed than demand for the product as well. As more supply became available, the wholesale and retail prices of weed dropped. One study noted that the price of weed continued to drop by 2 percent every month between July 2014 and March 2016.

Black Market

The black market also can affect the pricing of legalized marijuana. The black market was the original method by which most people purchased the product. Black market sellers can easily undercut the prices of legal dispensaries that are priced too high.

Final Thoughts

From location to supply and demand, several factors play a role in the price of weed. However, buying from a reliable and trustworthy source is vital to getting the marijuana you need. It's important to consider a fully licensed dispensary with knowledgeable staff and a variety of weed selections, such as Apothekare, to meet your medical marijuana needs.


No Thanksgiving would be complete without greens, right? And, we're talking about the good kind that makes your weird Uncle Ted tolerable, dare we say even likable, not the kinds that get shoved underneath a napkin.

As more and more states begin to legalize medical marijuana, it has the ability to quickly rise to fame as another spirit to be consumed during the holiday season. After all, nothing says cheer and thanks, like passing around a packed bowl with the cousins, aunts, uncles and maybe even grandma.

How to Approach the Subject

giphy (5).gif

This one can be tricky. Start by slyly bringing it up with a close cousin, sibling or someone of similar age to gauge their interest.

If there are certain family members who aren't open to it, it's important not to push the subject. Make sure you're armed with facts about the safety of marijuana, and maybe even a few uplifting anecdotes.

If you end up smoking solo, remember to keep your smoke to yourself with Smoke Buddy and some eye drops to keep it all conspicuous.

In a pinch and don't have a Smoke Buddy on you? That's okay. Check this out to see how to make a DIY sploof (to keep the smell out and the good vibes in).

How to Pick the Method

Bongs, pipes, joints, spliffs -- there are many a term today for smoking our favorite leaf. This all depends on the legality of marijuana in your state as well as the comfortability of you and your family members.

giphy (9).gif


Unless your family are experienced cannabis users, we suggest utilizing a vaporizer or small pipe. While bongs may be the most common way to get high, bongs people tend to take in a large hit that can often lead to people (namely newbies) getting uncomfortably high.

Sativa or Indica?

If you're new to this -- marijuana comes in two forms: indica or sativa. Basically, all you need to know is that indica induces a relaxing, sometimes very lethargic body high while sativa creates an uplifting, more energetic high. For this reason, we'd suggest a sativa or hybrid that's sativa-heavy.

How to Enjoy


giphy (12).gif

To make the most out of this Thanksgiving high, we suggest picking a holiday or comedy movie that the entire family loves. We suggest Christmas Vacation or everybody's favorite, Elf. Both have been high-approved by us. To get a preview to excite the fam, check them out here:

Christmas Vacation


Or, try breaking out the board games (Cards Against Humanity or Bananagrams are suefire hits), or taking a nature walk with everybody in tow.

Regardless of how you decide to enjoy getting high with the family this Thanksgiving, remember to obey local laws, relax and let each family member participate in a way that makes them most comfortable.

A Beginners Guide To Dabing

Dabbing has been around for decades, but it only recently became a popular way for cannabis users to take their medication. It's quite a bit different from hitting a bong or sparking a bowl, though, so you’ll need a little information to help make your first dabbing experience enjoyable.

Equipment for Dabbing

Before you can dab, you need to get the right gear:

  • Water pipe

  • Blowtorch (kitchen torch is fine)

  • Dabbing nail

  • Dome, depending on the type of nail you get

  • Dabber wand

  • Some wax

Companies usually make nails in titanium, ceramic and glass. Apothekare mostly carries titanium nails because they retain heat well and hold up over time.

Season Your Nail

Nails can have residues from the manufacturing process. You don’t want to inhale fumes from this nastiness, so get rid of it by using your torch to heat the nail until it turns red. Sprinkle a few drops of water on the hot nail. Once it vaporizes, you have a clean nail you can use immediately.


Prepare Your Smoking Rig

If you have a traditional water pipe, you can usually put the nail in the bowl attachment. For most designs, the nail will slide right in. Now, pour a little water into your bong’s chamber so you get smooth, delicious hits.

Don't pour in too much water, though, or you can get a mouthful when you take big hits.

Get Ready to Dab

It’s time to try your first dab!  To learn more watch this video or continue reading below.


Use your torch to heat the nail until it starts to turn joint cherry red. At this point, it’s extremely hot, so you should hold off for a second before you start smoking. Giving the nail 10 to 45 seconds to cool will improve the taste of your smoke. It’s worth the short wait, especially when you have a delicious wax like Lemonade Shatter or Cookies & Cream Shatter.

After you tolerate the nail's time to cool, use your dabber wand to collect a small amount of wax. Start with a small amount, about the size of a BB. Wax contains a lot of THC, so you don’t want to accidentally over-medicate your first time.

Now, use your dabber wand to rub the wax onto your hot nail. It will start to smoke instantly. Place your mouth over the bong’s mouthpiece (no duh) and inhale as you normally would when smoking cannabis flowers (e.g., pot). You should notice a tasty flavor, followed quickly by a high that makes you feel terrific.

As a newbie, one dab will probably do the job. As your body gets used to dabs, though, you can start taking bigger or more hits to reach the level you want. For now, test the waters to see how you respond to dabs. If you enjoy, then you may have discovered your new favorite way to medicate.


Before You Imbibe: What You Need to Know About Edibles


For many people, smoking is the only way to experience Marijuana. The inhaled drug crosses the blood-brain barrier quickly, so the user feels the effects almost right away. This allows the user to more carefully monitor their intake.

There are clear disadvantages to smoking, however. Marijuana's distinct smell isn't always welcome in public settings, smoking anything in a hospital setting is prohibited, and potential damage to the user's lungs is a well-documented risk.

Edibles are a viable alternative to smoking marijuana that doesn't have these specific disadvantages. Medical marijuana users get all of the benefits of THC without the drawbacks when they choose edibles.

Understanding the following points about using edibles will help you maximize the benefits while minimizing the risks.

Edibles aren't a snack

Because it may take as long as an hour to feel the effects of an edible, start with 1/2 of the recommended dose. With edibles, more is not better. Wait at least an hour before ingesting another 1/2 dose. For beginners, it's important to understand that everyone's body processes the drug differently. Get to know your personal tolerance and pay attention to labels to avoid overdose and unpleasant side effects.

Try one thing at a time

Choose only one type of edible to try. Each method of delivery (brownies, cookies, gummies) may have a different concentration of THC. Generally, 10 milligrams at a time is a maximum dose for first-time users.

Edibles usually provide a more subtle high than smoking, so pay attention to how your body reacts and go slow at first. When you feel comfortable increasing your dosage or if you'd like to try a different type of edible, try to stay below 10 milligrams per hour.

Enjoy edibles on a full stomach

Medicinal edibles work best on a full stomach. Be sure to eat a balanced meal and avoid foods that may cause heartburn or nausea prior to using edibles. When taken on an empty stomach, THC may cause negative side effects.

CBD oil is a great alternative

Derived from the cannabis plant, CBD oil is devoid of THC as well as other psychoactive effects. Known for having a confounding effect on THC, taking a CBD capsule can help reduce unpleasant feelings such as panic and paranoia.

Overall, just like with other substances, the key to using marijuana edibles safely and effectively lies in the ability to purchase quality products from a trusted source and not overdoing it. Given that it may take a while to realize the effects, it is always best to start off slow to learn your own personal tolerance level.

Come into Apothekare today to try one of our delicious edibles! Open 7 days a week, our cannabis shop offers the best specials in town!


Canna-Ween! Awesome Cannabis Friendly Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner, so it's time to find the perfect costume.

giphy (2).gif


If you are looking for maximum laughs at your next Halloween party, why not show off your pot appreciation with a cannabis-inspired costume? There's plenty of options out there, whether you're looking to buy or DIY. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Total Pothead

This costume requires a bit of crafting muscle, but the result is totally hilarious. Create a hat resembling a potted plant out of some brown foam material or cardboard, or go more literal by super-gluing a small potted plant from the grocery store to a plastic headband. What you wear on the bottom is up to you, but you can really commit to the bit by creating a dress out of a large potting soil bag - branded with the classic marijuana leaf, of course.



Weed Man

You may think of the budtender at the local cannabis shop as your personal superhero - now turn him into a real one. Go for your comfiest look (sweatpants are a must) and add a green cape and mask. Now you're ready to save your buds from bad strains, slow deliveries, and narcs.



The Best Kind of Brownie

The Girl Scouts added a little something-something to their cookies this year, and you're going door to door to help with their fundraising efforts. You can have some extra fun with this costume by adding your own stoner merit badges ("Creative Bong Rigging," "Wake and Bake," "Name Your Own Strain") or handing out your own medicated treats to your fellow party-goers.


Drug Rug

Another pun-derful DIY option is a play on one of the most classic stoner looks. Buy two small, cheap rugs at your local home store and connect them with two sturdy straps so they'll hang over your shoulders. Next, hot glue some bright green pot leaves to each rug. Throw your real hoodie on under the costume for maximum effect (and coziness).



This costume is scarier than Freddy, Jason, and the creepy twins from The Shining combined. There's plenty of options out there to buy, like this sexy look or this one for the guys. If you really want to go undercover, though, try a more DIY approach. Make your own "Not a Cop" t-shirt and go around the party asking your friends where you can buy some Mary Jane. Extra points if you can fit a police uniform under your costume.

giphy (4).gif

Got a better canna-ween costume idea? Send us your ideas and photos on our Facebook page.  Better yet, come into our dispensary during Hallo-Weed ( 10/27-10/31) in costume and show us your pot appreciation.  

A Cannabis Novice’s Guide To Vaping

With all the equipment and options available, it can be difficult to know where to start if you want to vape cannabis. Here's a look at some of the most common equipment choices with information to help you make an informed decision.

Three Types of Vaporizers

Currently, most people have the easiest access to three major types of vaporizers.

Pen Vaporizers

These devices look like pens and are similar in form and function to e-cigarettes. Because they are small, they have to use conduction heat to create the vapor.

  • Benefits: small and easily portable, discreet, many items on the market to select from

  • Disadvantages: conduction heat requires careful operation or you'll burn the cannabis product

Desktop Vaporizers

These are small devices that fit on a shelf or desk and typically require access to a wall outlet to operate. They are for use in the home and let you vape with a group or enjoy more in-depth vaping.

  • Benefits: large bowl for longer vaping, deliver higher quality vapor due to convection heating, come with more features than portable models

  • Disadvantages: are not portable, which may not be ideal for medical-related treatment needs

Portable Vaporizers

These devices offer a compromise between the power of a desktop model and the convenience of a pen. Some work with flame or butane options for times when the battery runs down and most are portable.

  • Benefits: easy on-the-go vaping, typically more powerful than a pen

  • Disadvantages: not as discreet as a pen

Choosing the Right Delivery System

How you get the vapor and the ingredients in your system depends on your device and the delivery method you pair it with. Portable and pen vaporizers often work on directdraw methods, which means they have attached mouthpieces that you draw from. Pen vaporizers have permanent attachments, and portable devices let you attach a glass, carbon or ceramic mouthpiece. Glass is typically the least expensive, and it may be the best option for new users.

Desktop systems let you use bag, balloon or tube delivery systems, all of which provide some benefits in reducing vapor loss and increasing the quality of the vape.

Cannabis novices may want to start with relatively inexpensive and easy-to-use portable vaporizers before experimenting with pens or desktop system.

Ready to start vaping?  Come into our cannabis shop and ask our experts about our Wake-n-Bake Specials!




What would Halloween be without tasty treats and sweet surprises? This could be the perfect motivation to modify a favorite holiday recipe to create edibles, a delicious vehicle for medical marijuana. Most baked goods and treat recipes will come out fine when substituting butter or oil with an equal amount of room-temperature canna-butter, or you may choose to infuse your favorite cooking oil with cannabis.

Four spooky edibles for a hemp-happy Halloween are:



1. Dark and Devilish Chocolate Bark

Make yourself and any other spooky stoners a dark bark that is devilishly good! Start by melting a bag of dark chocolate chips in the microwave for 15-second intervals until melted. Add a tablespoon of cannabis-infused coconut oil and stir until glossy and smooth. Now is the fun part: Stir in your favorite nuts, assorted candies, and sprinkles. If you happen to have any cannabis flower around, grind and sprinkle a bit of weed on the bark while still warm for a little extra THC. Think of it as whole-plant medicine... Plus, it looks cool.

giphy-downsized (1).gif


2. Monster Marshmallow Treats

What is better than a marshmallow treat? Maybe a monster marshmallow treats infused with medical cannabis. Melt ¼ cup canna-butter and add 4 cups mini-marshmallows, stirring until melted and smooth. For a ghastly green monster, add a drop of green food coloring to the canna-butter and marshmallow mixture.


Fold in 5 cups crispy rice cereal and spread evenly in a baking pan to harden before cutting into large rectangular servings. Look for candy googly eyes and gently push a pair on each cut treat. Hey, is that monster looking at you?

Pro tip: Hemp-infused coconut oil has a long shelf life and can be kept un-refrigerated in an air-tight, glass container for up to two years — but don’t let good cannabis oil sit that long.

3. Frighteningly Fast Boogie Man Brownies

Can’t wait for brownies to bake in the oven when the munchies hit? Make this frighteningly fast microwave brownie in a coffee mug and combine:

  • ¼ cup brownie mix

  • 2 tablespoons water

  • 1 tablespoon of cannabis-infused coconut oil

Mix well and microwave for 90 seconds on high. Allow to sit in the microwave for a couple minutes after cooking to set before serving or eating. If you want to make it even more frighteningly fudgy, add a dollop of canna-butter cream frosting on top. Simply blend room-temperature canna-butter with powdered sugar and cocoa powder until fluffy. Add a drop or two of good vanilla extract and a dash of salt when mixing. This frosting is great on cakes and cookies and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.



4. Coated Cannabis Corn

Popcorn is the perfect fall stoner snack when the munchies strike, but make yours a little bit salty and a little bit sweet. Microwave or pop some popcorn, a big bowl, usually four to six cups. Melt a half cup of canna-butter (yes, a half cup) in the microwave or on the stove; add a tablespoon of brown sugar, a pinch of cayenne pepper and salt to taste. Toss the popcorn in the warm butter mixture to coat and spread out on a cookie sheet to cool and dry before serving. You can eat it sooner but expect sticky fingers.

giphy (1).gif


Pro Tip : Make extra canna-butter and store in the refrigerator to have on hand for more Halloween baking and clever cannabis concoctions.

Try baking up these hemp-friendly holiday treats, and skip the tricks this Halloween. Stay tune to Apothekare’s blog for more tips, tricks and trends.