Apothekare is San Diego

An apothecary is a term for a medical professional who formulates and dispenses medicine to physicians, surgeons and patients. While that definition also applies to Apothekare, we stand for so much more -- building a sense of community in San Diego.


At our core, Apothekare exists to enhance your life by creating a community environment where our dedicated and talented ambassadors can provide you with the highest quality products. We have already revolutionized the way you can obtain medical cannabis in the San Diego area, by offering superior, exclusive products in a safe, friendly atmosphere that you would not feel embarrassed to take your mother to.


We are the opposite of your stereotypical dispensary. Where other dispensaries are often dark and grungy, we actually have natural lighting and place an emphasis on the security and safety of our patients. Our experience and connections mean you will be getting the highest quality cannabis in the San Diego area to better treat you, in a form that is easiest for you to take. We take making sure you receive your medicine seriously.



But for us, that’s just the beginning.



We are striving not just to be your medical marijuana dispensary, but to embed ourselves into the larger San Diego community. Part of that is providing education on what cannabis can do, and how you can best receive the benefits it provides. But we’re not stopping there.



You’ll find us not only at your neighborhood street fair, but volunteering at beach clean up days and homeless shelters. It’s one thing to just be an advocate for cannabis, but we strive to be something more meaningful than that. While we do want to be your cannabis provider of choice, our goal is to be something much more important than that. We want to be a real part of the community, a contributing member to the San Diego family.



The next time you’re at Apothekare, take an extra moment and look around. You will first notice our wide variety of product and clean atmosphere, but take a second look. Hopefully, you’ll find a new part of your community.