A Cannabis Novice’s Guide To Vaping

With all the equipment and options available, it can be difficult to know where to start if you want to vape cannabis. Here's a look at some of the most common equipment choices with information to help you make an informed decision.

Three Types of Vaporizers

Currently, most people have the easiest access to three major types of vaporizers.

Pen Vaporizers

These devices look like pens and are similar in form and function to e-cigarettes. Because they are small, they have to use conduction heat to create the vapor.

  • Benefits: small and easily portable, discreet, many items on the market to select from

  • Disadvantages: conduction heat requires careful operation or you'll burn the cannabis product

Desktop Vaporizers

These are small devices that fit on a shelf or desk and typically require access to a wall outlet to operate. They are for use in the home and let you vape with a group or enjoy more in-depth vaping.

  • Benefits: large bowl for longer vaping, deliver higher quality vapor due to convection heating, come with more features than portable models

  • Disadvantages: are not portable, which may not be ideal for medical-related treatment needs

Portable Vaporizers

These devices offer a compromise between the power of a desktop model and the convenience of a pen. Some work with flame or butane options for times when the battery runs down and most are portable.

  • Benefits: easy on-the-go vaping, typically more powerful than a pen

  • Disadvantages: not as discreet as a pen

Choosing the Right Delivery System

How you get the vapor and the ingredients in your system depends on your device and the delivery method you pair it with. Portable and pen vaporizers often work on directdraw methods, which means they have attached mouthpieces that you draw from. Pen vaporizers have permanent attachments, and portable devices let you attach a glass, carbon or ceramic mouthpiece. Glass is typically the least expensive, and it may be the best option for new users.

Desktop systems let you use bag, balloon or tube delivery systems, all of which provide some benefits in reducing vapor loss and increasing the quality of the vape.

Cannabis novices may want to start with relatively inexpensive and easy-to-use portable vaporizers before experimenting with pens or desktop system.

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