Before You Imbibe: What You Need to Know About Edibles


For many people, smoking is the only way to experience Marijuana. The inhaled drug crosses the blood-brain barrier quickly, so the user feels the effects almost right away. This allows the user to more carefully monitor their intake.

There are clear disadvantages to smoking, however. Marijuana's distinct smell isn't always welcome in public settings, smoking anything in a hospital setting is prohibited, and potential damage to the user's lungs is a well-documented risk.

Edibles are a viable alternative to smoking marijuana that doesn't have these specific disadvantages. Medical marijuana users get all of the benefits of THC without the drawbacks when they choose edibles.

Understanding the following points about using edibles will help you maximize the benefits while minimizing the risks.

Edibles aren't a snack

Because it may take as long as an hour to feel the effects of an edible, start with 1/2 of the recommended dose. With edibles, more is not better. Wait at least an hour before ingesting another 1/2 dose. For beginners, it's important to understand that everyone's body processes the drug differently. Get to know your personal tolerance and pay attention to labels to avoid overdose and unpleasant side effects.

Try one thing at a time

Choose only one type of edible to try. Each method of delivery (brownies, cookies, gummies) may have a different concentration of THC. Generally, 10 milligrams at a time is a maximum dose for first-time users.

Edibles usually provide a more subtle high than smoking, so pay attention to how your body reacts and go slow at first. When you feel comfortable increasing your dosage or if you'd like to try a different type of edible, try to stay below 10 milligrams per hour.

Enjoy edibles on a full stomach

Medicinal edibles work best on a full stomach. Be sure to eat a balanced meal and avoid foods that may cause heartburn or nausea prior to using edibles. When taken on an empty stomach, THC may cause negative side effects.

CBD oil is a great alternative

Derived from the cannabis plant, CBD oil is devoid of THC as well as other psychoactive effects. Known for having a confounding effect on THC, taking a CBD capsule can help reduce unpleasant feelings such as panic and paranoia.

Overall, just like with other substances, the key to using marijuana edibles safely and effectively lies in the ability to purchase quality products from a trusted source and not overdoing it. Given that it may take a while to realize the effects, it is always best to start off slow to learn your own personal tolerance level.

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