Canna-Ween! Awesome Cannabis Friendly Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner, so it's time to find the perfect costume.

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If you are looking for maximum laughs at your next Halloween party, why not show off your pot appreciation with a cannabis-inspired costume? There's plenty of options out there, whether you're looking to buy or DIY. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Total Pothead

This costume requires a bit of crafting muscle, but the result is totally hilarious. Create a hat resembling a potted plant out of some brown foam material or cardboard, or go more literal by super-gluing a small potted plant from the grocery store to a plastic headband. What you wear on the bottom is up to you, but you can really commit to the bit by creating a dress out of a large potting soil bag - branded with the classic marijuana leaf, of course.



Weed Man

You may think of the budtender at the local cannabis shop as your personal superhero - now turn him into a real one. Go for your comfiest look (sweatpants are a must) and add a green cape and mask. Now you're ready to save your buds from bad strains, slow deliveries, and narcs.



The Best Kind of Brownie

The Girl Scouts added a little something-something to their cookies this year, and you're going door to door to help with their fundraising efforts. You can have some extra fun with this costume by adding your own stoner merit badges ("Creative Bong Rigging," "Wake and Bake," "Name Your Own Strain") or handing out your own medicated treats to your fellow party-goers.


Drug Rug

Another pun-derful DIY option is a play on one of the most classic stoner looks. Buy two small, cheap rugs at your local home store and connect them with two sturdy straps so they'll hang over your shoulders. Next, hot glue some bright green pot leaves to each rug. Throw your real hoodie on under the costume for maximum effect (and coziness).



This costume is scarier than Freddy, Jason, and the creepy twins from The Shining combined. There's plenty of options out there to buy, like this sexy look or this one for the guys. If you really want to go undercover, though, try a more DIY approach. Make your own "Not a Cop" t-shirt and go around the party asking your friends where you can buy some Mary Jane. Extra points if you can fit a police uniform under your costume.

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Got a better canna-ween costume idea? Send us your ideas and photos on our Facebook page.  Better yet, come into our dispensary during Hallo-Weed ( 10/27-10/31) in costume and show us your pot appreciation.