A Beginners Guide To Dabing

Dabbing has been around for decades, but it only recently became a popular way for cannabis users to take their medication. It's quite a bit different from hitting a bong or sparking a bowl, though, so you’ll need a little information to help make your first dabbing experience enjoyable.

Equipment for Dabbing

Before you can dab, you need to get the right gear:

  • Water pipe

  • Blowtorch (kitchen torch is fine)

  • Dabbing nail

  • Dome, depending on the type of nail you get

  • Dabber wand

  • Some wax

Companies usually make nails in titanium, ceramic and glass. Apothekare mostly carries titanium nails because they retain heat well and hold up over time.

Season Your Nail

Nails can have residues from the manufacturing process. You don’t want to inhale fumes from this nastiness, so get rid of it by using your torch to heat the nail until it turns red. Sprinkle a few drops of water on the hot nail. Once it vaporizes, you have a clean nail you can use immediately.


Prepare Your Smoking Rig

If you have a traditional water pipe, you can usually put the nail in the bowl attachment. For most designs, the nail will slide right in. Now, pour a little water into your bong’s chamber so you get smooth, delicious hits.

Don't pour in too much water, though, or you can get a mouthful when you take big hits.

Get Ready to Dab

It’s time to try your first dab!  To learn more watch this video or continue reading below.


Use your torch to heat the nail until it starts to turn joint cherry red. At this point, it’s extremely hot, so you should hold off for a second before you start smoking. Giving the nail 10 to 45 seconds to cool will improve the taste of your smoke. It’s worth the short wait, especially when you have a delicious wax like Lemonade Shatter or Cookies & Cream Shatter.

After you tolerate the nail's time to cool, use your dabber wand to collect a small amount of wax. Start with a small amount, about the size of a BB. Wax contains a lot of THC, so you don’t want to accidentally over-medicate your first time.

Now, use your dabber wand to rub the wax onto your hot nail. It will start to smoke instantly. Place your mouth over the bong’s mouthpiece (no duh) and inhale as you normally would when smoking cannabis flowers (e.g., pot). You should notice a tasty flavor, followed quickly by a high that makes you feel terrific.

As a newbie, one dab will probably do the job. As your body gets used to dabs, though, you can start taking bigger or more hits to reach the level you want. For now, test the waters to see how you respond to dabs. If you enjoy, then you may have discovered your new favorite way to medicate.