5 Gifts to Give Your Cannabis Enthusiast This Holiday Season


It's official: The holiday season is upon us. With the arrival of the holidays, the spirit of giving is alive and well. While some recipients prove easy to shop for, with mom's annual bath soaps and your cousin's standard gift card, others can leave you truly at a loss. Fortunately, if any of these hard-to-shop-for individuals are cannabis enthusiasts, we've got you covered. Consider these five gift ideas:

1. Declare War on the Munchies

Nothing says "Happy Holidays" quite like combating an attack of the munchies. While chips and chicken nuggets will inevitably get the job done, embrace the spirit of the holiday season by presenting your favorite cannabis enthusiast with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.


If you're feeling extra generous, purchase a package or two of chocolate cookie edibles from Apothekare dispensary, baked with savory chocolate and 200 mg of cannabis.

2. Present the Gift of Freedom

Vaporizers are rapidly growing in popularity among cannabis enthusiasts because of their discrete nature. There are a number of different makes and models that can accommodate dry herb, wax or extract oils. This makes a vaporizer an ideal gift for old-school enthusiasts, as well as the more innovative cannabis lover. If your giving a vape to a newbie, make sure they take a look at this handy video first.

3. Give Tools of the Trade

From pipes and grinders to stash boxes and wrappers, there is an endless array of much needed tools for cannabis users.


The greatest part of giving one of these items is that with such a wide variety of options, you never have to worry about giving your cannabis enthusiast a tool they already have. The plethora of styles and designs, along with many options for custom, personalized pieces, ensures that you give the ultimate gift.

4. Deliver Pain Relief and Relaxation

Cannabis gifts aren't limited to consumable forms of cannabis. Topical products for pain relief or relaxation are also quite popular. Whoopi and Maya Medical Cannabis Bath Soak offers long-lasting and effective pain relief, making it the gifts that keep on giving. Want to learn more. Check out this podcast, where Whoopi herself discusses the benefits of her new cannabis products.

5. Hand Over the Greatest Gift of All

Can't decide on the perfect gift? Stick with a tried and true approach: a good old-fashioned bag of your pal's favorite strain of cannabis.

giphy (13).gif


Whether a relaxing Indica, an energizing Sativa or anything in-between, we are proud to offer potent and high-quality strains of each form. As an added bonus, you can skip the gift wrap for this one, but you should still probably avoid gifting this one in front of grandma.