7 Etiquette Tips Every Cannabis User Needs To Know


As weed becomes legal in more states, the stigma of smoking pot is slowly dissipating. But if you want to encourage this progression, it’s important to represent pot users in a positive light, and that means showing some etiquette. You can start by following these guidelines.

1. Remember to Share

If you’re going to smoke around others, make sure you have enough to share. It’s just rude to smoke in front of people and not offer some. And on those days you plan to partake in someone else’s weed, at least bring snacks to share.

2. Don’t Pressure Your Friends

Not everyone is wild about weed. Feel free to offer a friend some pot, but if he or she says no, don’t push it. Peer pressure is not good etiquette. Surely they’ll call you if they change their minds.

3. Puff, Puff, Pass

If someone else has been kind enough to share a joint with you, make sure you only hit it twice before you pass. If you’re using a bong, it’s good etiquette to hit it only once.

4. Make Sure Your Cannabis Isn’t All THC

Many people claim cannabis makes them anxious, but that’s probably because the pot they tried didn’t have enough of the compound cannabidiol or CBD. This ingredient pairs well with THC since it can reduce the paranoia that THC often causes. So look for cannabis with a ratio of about 1:1 CBD to THC.

5. Be Aware Of Dosage

If a friend is trying out cannabis for the first time, help them do it right with the correct dose. For example, with edibles, someone who is new to weed doesn’t typically need more than about five mg of THC. Offering more could create a terrible experience that makes him or her regret trying it.

6. Be Aware of the Smell

You might enjoy the smell of weed, but not everyone else does. Some people are sensitive to it and may feel nauseous when they catch a whiff of your weed. This is why you should avoid smoking around other people unless you know they don’t mind it. You can always eat an edible or vape instead since this cuts down on the smell. But know your audience and be mindful of where you partake.

7. Don’t Blow Smoke

Just because you’re smoking together doesn’t mean you should be blowing smoke in someone’s face. Similarly, other pot smokers don’t necessarily like smelling cigarette smoke near them, so if you feel the need to smoke a cigarette, do it away from the group.

Now that you’re a responsible fan of weed, Apothekare invites you to check out our menu and contact us with any questions!