5 Of The Most Potent Marijuana Moments In Pop Culture

In the 82 years since the debut of “Reefer Madness”, there is little doubt among the proponents of marijuana that we have come a long way. Despite the great effort made by the federal government, marijuana is now legal in some for in over half the country.

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While this new movement is the result of decades of hard work by proponents, pop culture has been doing it’s part to combat the negative government propaganda since 1936.  From Bob Dylan’s “ Rainy Day Woman #12 &#35 to “Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle”, pop culture has been normalizing the use of marijuana for nearly a century.  Today we pay tribute to some of the most iconic marijuana moments in pop culture.


“Up In Smoke”


This 1978 Cheech & Chong classic is perhaps one of the quintessential “Stoner” movies. Beloved by potheads of all ages, this comedy showcases the trademark hysterical antics that Cheech & Chong are known for.

Fun Fact: “Up In Smoke” was the first film to introduce moviegoers to the stoner lexicon that has been used 100’s of movies and TV shows


“Fast Times At Ridgemont High”


Featuring the future Oscar heavyweight Sean Penn, who set the standard for the stoned-out surfer stereotype, this 1982 movie is still a fan favorite.


Fun Fact:  Penn stayed in character during the movie’s entire shoot and would only answer to the name of his character “Spicoli” 

“Dazed And Confused”

Perhaps most famous for Matthew McConaughey's portrayal; of a a sleazy, yet weirdly likeable stoner, this early 90’s movie is still one of the most quotable movies of all time.



Fun Fact: Slater’s line “George toked weed, are you kiddin' me, man? He grew fields of that stuff, man.” was actually based on fact, well sort of.  According to The Journal of The American Revolution, Washington did grow hemp at Mount Vernon, but there is no substantial evidence to support the claim tha he smoked the plant.

“Half Baked”

Co-written by the comedian Dave Chappelle, this 1998 comedy starred both the hilarious comedian and former SNL star Jim Breuer. Littered with cameos (including Snoop Dogg, Tommy Chong , Bob Saget and Jon Stewart)  this movie just gets better the more stoned you are.




Fun Fact:  For many years there has been a lot of speculation around the appearance of Jerry Garcia in the movie. But alas, the Grateful Dead frontman did not make a cameo, his character was played by celebrity impersonator David Bluestein.


“Pineapple Express”


Touted as the first film to put the “bud” back in the “buddy comedy, this 2008 Judd Apatow produced tells the touching, yet hysterical story of a corporate cog and his carefree pot-dealer who inadvertently get involved in a murder.

Fun Fact:  Seth Rogen rolled every joint in the film himself. That takes dedication.